WebCTRL Premium

WebCTRL Premium

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Ürün Kodu: SK2300
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Product Description

  • Powerful, comprehensive building management with intuitive point-and-click graphical access
  • Dynamic color floor plans convey a quick understanding of building conditions
  • Customizable graphics, schedules, trends, reports, and alarms
  • Inherent WebCTRL Environmental Index tool for measuring, analyzing, and comparing comfort conditions against setpoints helping you balance comfort with efficiency
  • Powerful WebCTRL Time-lapse graphics for analyzing and troubleshooting up to 24 hours of past building operation
  • Built-in Fault Detection and Diagnostics to help anticipate, provide insight, and automatically respond to building issues
  • Can be deployed on-premises (you host/maintain software), or in the Cloud (ALC hosts, secures, and maintains software for you)

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